Are You Mentorvating?

Dear Sales Community, I am hereby pleased to announce a brand new word to the international lexicon of sales vernacular! Ready? The word is “mentorvate.” OK, I admit it – I talk too fast sometimes. The other day I was engaged with a client, and we were talking about the main job of a sales leader.  […]

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Are You in Control?

Dear Sales Community, I was having an interesting conversation with (an overwhelmed) client recently. He was struggling with how to balance the many demands on his schedule and feeling anxious and stressed out. No kidding! We are getting busier and being asked to do more with the same or fewer resources. This is the way things are now,

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The Most Valuable Component Sales Community: Here is a question to think about as we enter the last quarter of 2009: How do you leverage the value of your customer relationships, both for yourself and for your customer?   You are in this business relationship together and so you are both actually selling to each other, since both will benefit from the

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Momentum Is KING

Dear Sales Community: Q3 is here…yes, it has snuck up on us, and now we have to keep the momentum strong. It is now more important than ever that we each hold ourselves accountable for keeping up the momentum. If we are to leverage what we have started and finish the year at or

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Coaching vs. Telling

Hello Sales Community,  Are you in a position to be a coach to someone? The answer is “YES”! It does not matter if you are a  sales manager or an individual contributor.  You can always find an opportunity to coach and offer counsel to other sales professionals in your real and virtual world. I

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Quality vs. Quantity

Dear Todd Cohen Sales Community, Which do you think is better? Quantity of sales calls or the quality of sales calls? As one who was raised (in sales) in a time when we were strictly measured against metrics, one might say that making many calls is the most important thing. Make as many calls as

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Sales Culture

I want to start a new conversation right now. I am always talking about and being asked my opinion on what makes a great sales culture. This is an important and critical topic for the sales community.

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